Medallion Woman

"An awe-inspiring and skilful novel, written by Tia Amina a talented and gifted author."

Medallion Woman Book

About The Book

Medallion Woman is a novel, set in a world not unlike ours.

It follows two stories, intertwined and linked to each other. One path follows Miriam, a gifted child abandoned in a forest full of spirits unfriendly to humans, all for the crime of being born a girl. The spirits take pity on her, but before they can truly help her she is abducted by Tereessna, who wants to enslave Miriam.

While Miriam is trapped in Tereessna's home, she meets Edward, a dog with a very similar fate. Soon, they escape together, and have to navigate a world where they can never tell which forces are there to help them, and which are there to hurt them.

The other strand of this tale is Giulietta Honey, a woman on a search for her family. Through her meeting with Baron Samedi, and her experiences with the mysteriously wealthy magnate Zuloosa, Miriam and Giulietta find their paths linked in ways they could not imagine.

Part Two of Medallion Woman coming soon...

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About The Author

Tia Amina was born on the 12th of June, 1967 in London, United Kingdom. Her childhood was traumatic, and she was forced to work from a very early age. She was a professional seamstress in a sweat shop by the age of 7, and as such her schooling was not prioritised in her home. She was a child slave. On top of the obvious baggage and trauma this caused, she was and still is dyslexic, making her journey to being an author even more impressive.

When she was 48, she decided to take these painful childhood memories, and retell them in a way that removed them from their original context; and combined with her great natural creativity, Medallion Woman was born.

In her spare time, Tia is a certified life coach aiming to help other orphans. She also cares for her numerous pets, is an avid painter and is a practicing spiritual healer.

Tia Amina, Author of Medallion Woman
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